Changing Lives Through Learning
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4 Branches of JBAN Outreach


1. K-12 Guidance

We provide academic and developmental support to students, grades k-12, to unlock their potential for success. This support includes:

Tutoring: JBAN instructors help each student understand whatever they are having difficulties with.

Homework Support: We assist our students with their homework to ensure success-breeding success in school.

Mentoring: JBAN instructors and volunteers are always available to counsel students through issues beyond academics.

Work Ethic Building: Through dedicated guidance we promote a positive work ethic that our students will take with them beyond the classroom.

Academic Intervention: We reignite the desire for knowledge by showing our students how education can better their lives.

Maryland School Assessment (MSA) Prep: Children receive comprehensive tutoring in Math, Reading, and Science that prepares them for the MSA.

Basic Computer Skills: We teach these skills to ensure that students who may not have consistent access to certain technologies don’t fall behind in our increasingly tech-based society.

College Admissions Assistance: This program is for high school students who are looking to go to college but feel intimidated by or lost in the application process.

TOEFL Prep: A specialized program for students who grew up with English as a second language.

PSAT, SAT, and ACT Prep: All sections of each test are covered.


2. Reading Club

Using the S.P.I.R.E reading program, JBAN will assist students, K-8, become proficient readers. We will focus heavily on:

Phonological Awareness: Proper pronunciation is important and can lead to opportunities if achieved.

Basic Grammar: Here at JBAN, we believe studying good examples of sentence structure is the best way for a student to learn it.


3. Workforce Readiness

For students ages 17-24, JBAN offers an array of programs designed to make them ready join the workforce and be attractive to employers. Some of these include:

GED Training: We offer practiced guidance and tutoring to help students achieve this first important academic qualification.

Independence Training: JBAN will focus on the skills and qualities needed to acquire and retain a job in today’s market from budgeting and saving to the confidence to make a solid impression on employers.

Job Placement: JBAN will assist young adults in their job search online, contacting potential employers, and preparing for career fairs.

Literacy Training: Using the Laubach Way, JBAN will help improve this vital skill.



4. Adult Education

While JBAN Education’s main focus will be to empower low-income children, we also have programs to assist adults in improving their lives.

Academic Counseling: We help adults looking to continue their education achieve their goals or find the path to do so.

Professional Counseling: We assist adult students acquire skills such as financial literacy, interviewing, and basic computer literacy.

Life Counseling: JBAN assists adult students with courses on conflict resolution, domestic disputes and violence, time management, and parenting.

Adult Literacy: Using the Laubach Way, we assist adults in becoming proficient readers and writers.

Citizenship Assistance: JBAN instructors help prepare adults for the USCIS Civics Exam.